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Nika Montreal Wedding Photography & Videography

I offer wedding photography and videography packages to suit any size wedding. For more than ten years I've been photographing weddings and baptisms in Montreal, Laval and the South Shore.

My main talent as a wedding photographer is my ability to a connection with the couples I photograph, this helps in making you feel at ease even, if you don't like having your photos taken, this helps makes the process easy and fun for both of you, and brings out both your personalities in your wedding photographs.

I try to capture both of you having fun, being relaxed and just enjoying each other's company. If possible I try to setup and engagement session a few months before the wedding. The point of the e-session if to give you a little coaching on how to look natural and relaxed in front of the camera. So we practice some flow posing while I keep my distance and coach you from afar. We then look at the photos and figure what works and what doesn't work. We all have a few angles we just don't like of ourselves, I know I do! 

The other thing I try to accomplish during the e-session is to try to get to learn a bit about who you are, how you met, what makes you laugh, things you enjoy. I find by getting to know the couple before the wedding, it makes for better pictures, it just means everyone is more relaxed during your wedding day.

To view some sample just follow this link for wedding photos

You can also view some samples of videos I've shot.

Part of what I'm trying out the last few years is All Inclusive plans that include Wedding photography and videography in one package . This is just a quick way to document your day with video all captured in 4k to compliment the photography. 

Also I'm now offering Photo Restoration. If you have an old photo of a parent or a grandparent, that you'd like to restore and maybe even colourize. It would be my pleasure to look at them and give you a quote. It makes a great gift, did that for my parents on their 50th Anniversary, they had a pretty bad wedding photo from the early 60's. I enlarged it, colorzied it and framed it. They Loved it! Take a look at a few samples of photo restoration.

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If you have any questions, please call or email.

Nick Alamanos

514-816-0394, [email protected]

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