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Nika Wedding Photography

For more than ten years I've been photographing weddings and baptisms my beautiful wife Caroline and my dog Jack a Siberian husky. 

I love meeting new people and really enjoy getting to know them, I think that's my secret to being a great photographer, it's getting to know my clients. It’s about taking the time to get to know both of you. 

I love wedding photography, I love weddings. What's not to love, you have all these beautiful people, and I'm serious everyone is beautiful on their wedding day, having all this fun and I'm getting paid to be there and capture it all. Wow now that is a dream job!

I offer packages to suit any kind of wedding from ten guests to five hundred guests. I'm here to capture every moment of your wedding day. Because you know what, your wedding day will take months to plan but when it get's here it will be gone in a flash. It happened to me when I got married, I didn't even remember the meal, that how fast it flew by. Seriously me forgetting a meal, now that's a big deal! 

So when the day is over all you are left with are some beautiful memories. And that's where I come in, a good wedding photographer does not create memories a good photographer is there to document the day, to be your eyes. A good wedding photographer is not there to feed his or her ego, they are not the stars, you both are!

New for this year I’ve now started offering wedding video highlights as an odd on package. This is designed to capture key moments such as the first dance, speeches etc. Video wedding highlights gives you an ideal coverage of your wedding without the added expense of needing to hire a full video team. But if you want to hire a full video team, we can do that also!

Nick Alamanos

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Thank you Nick.. for making this day very special for us