Montreal Wedding Photographer Nika Foto: Blog en-us Nika Foto (Montreal Wedding Photographer Nika Foto) Tue, 28 Jun 2022 16:07:00 GMT Tue, 28 Jun 2022 16:07:00 GMT Montreal Wedding Photographer Nika Foto: Blog 107 120 Video add-on available to all photography packages Just picked up a new Sony 4k camcorder so now I'm able to offer video highlights to all my wedding packages. I'm able to do this on the cheap, $600 is pretty inexpensive when it come to wedding videography. For key moments such as speeches, first dance I switch back and forth between photographer and video grapher. It's actually not that hard. I've been doming this for 10+ years, so anticipating what happens next is key.


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How much does a wedding cost in Montreal Would we all like to know. I know when we got married a few years ago, we made a budget and stuck with it. 

This was our budget


Church                           $500.

Receptions Hall              $120/person

Flowers                          $500.

Photographer                 $2,000.

DJ                                   $1,500.

Video grapher.               $2,500.

Limo                               $500.




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Covid Weddings and Baptisms! It's been a rough year for everyone, for some rougher than others. Not many weddings over the last year, actually to be frank with you, I pretty much shit down my wedding photography business for a year. I still managed to photograph a few baptism, but hey no weddings. 

I have my first wedding in September and ready to start taking new business for this year and the next.

Stay safe!


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It's been a while It's been a few years since Iv'e posted items on my blog, I will try to be more active in the following months. I will not only be showcasing some of my recent wedding,  but I will also be offering wedding tips for brides and grooms to be!.

Stay tuned.




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Jean & JInglei Wedding A beautiful wedding at a stuffing cathedral, Saint-Antoine de Padoue which was followed with the reception at Club de Golf Parcours Du Cerf. Enjoy these few pictures as much as I enjoyed talking them.


6G5A29356G5A2935 IMG_9571IMG_9571 IMG_9580IMG_9580 IMG_9608IMG_9608 6G5A29276G5A2927 6G5A27796G5A2779

(Montreal Wedding Photographer Nika Foto) Mon, 01 Aug 2016 01:45:39 GMT
Josée and Roberto wedding photos What a great couple, I felt very honoured to be invited to take photos at their wedding. The day started of with a the ceremony at St-Irenée de Lyon church in Montreal. It was a great ceremony with in a very beautiful church. We then drove to Old Montreal for a few photos, it was cold!!! .. but We survived then we drove to the Centre de Commerce mondial de Montréal for a few photos in a warmer settingThen we ended the evening at Buffet Amiens in Saint Leonard. Here are a few photos from the day!!

6G5A90086G5A9008 6G5A90176G5A9017 6G5A90596G5A9059 IMG_9143IMG_9143 6G5A91136G5A9113 IMG_9173IMG_9173 IMG_9152IMG_9152 IMG_9141IMG_9141 6G5A90726G5A9072 6G5A90026G5A9002 6G5A89916G5A8991 6G5A89526G5A8952 6G5A88886G5A8888 6G5A89786G5A8978 6G5A88646G5A8864 IMG_9128IMG_9128 6G5A90306G5A9030 IMG_9118IMG_9118 6G5A90436G5A9043 6G5A91006G5A9100 6G5A8961-Edit6G5A8961-Edit 6G5A89226G5A8922


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Doug and Gary Wedding McGill Faculty Club Wedding This was a fun wedding with a very fun couple. It was my first same sex marriage,  i was a bit nervous at first, but truth be told , they were just as nervous as I was. After about 10 minutes all of us got comfortable and it worked out great, having an e-session really helped trying to figure what poses would work with Garry and Doug, that really was my main concern. You're typical man/lady poses don't always translate as well when it's man/man.


I wish you both the best!!!



6G5A84446G5A8444 IMG_8948IMG_8948 6G5A84576G5A8457 6G5A84526G5A8452

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Meena and Derek Wedding at Au Vieux Moulin in Rigaud Hi Just a few photos from Meena and Derek's wedding at Au Vieux Moulin in  Rigaud. This is a very beautiful venue and the second time I photographed a wedding here. The location is fabulous with a lake and a very charming old farmhouse that can hold about 100 or so guests. This was also my third indian wedding, always lots of fun and oh so colourful. This was even more special because after the indian ceremony was completed, we had to go through all over again for a western ceremony, this involved a change of clothing for the entrie wedding party!  NIka FotoNika Foto NIka FotoNika Foto NIka FotoNika Foto NIka FotoNika Foto NIka FotoNika Foto NIka FotoNika Foto NIka FotoNika Foto

(Montreal Wedding Photographer Nika Foto) Au Moulin Rigaud Vieux Wedding at in Mon, 02 Nov 2015 16:11:29 GMT
Delia's Wedding Rosemere Golf Club A few photos from the Rosemere golf club. 

It was a great day for a wedding, the weather was beautiful and so was the couple! 

6G5A27786G5A2778 6G5A27866G5A2786 6G5A28106G5A2810 IMG_7543IMG_7543 IMG_7586IMG_7586 IMG_7592IMG_7592 IMG_7618IMG_7618 IMG_7655IMG_7655 IMG_7667IMG_7667

(Montreal Wedding Photographer Nika Foto) Club Golf Montreal Rosemere photography wedding Tue, 27 Oct 2015 15:24:25 GMT
Denis and Elisa's wedding Had a great time with a lovely couple. The reception was held at Le Riveria in Ville D'anjou and the formals were taken at centre de la nature in Laval a really amazing place for photos.


6G5A02876G5A0287 6G5A02806G5A0280 6G5A0298-Edit6G5A0298-Edit 6G5A03186G5A0318 6G5A03316G5A0331 6G5A03696G5A0369 6G5A05406G5A0540 IMG_6431IMG_6431 IMG_6487IMG_6487

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A Roman Catholic Baptism I love photographing baptism almost as much as I love weddings. This was a really cute baby, we started at the child's home as they wee getting ready and then we followed it up with pictures at the church. If I remember correctly there were 7 babies being baptised at the same time. wow!

6G5A54626G5A5462 6G5A54676G5A5467 6G5A54776G5A5477 6G5A54726G5A5472 IMG_7163IMG_7163 IMG_7154IMG_7154

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Nubia and Pascal I just wanted to share a few pictures from Nubia's and Pascal wedding. As wedding photographer I feel so lucky that I get to take pictures in all these great locations with such amazing couples. Hope you enjoy looking at these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.


nika-193nika-193 nika-144nika-144 nika-153nika-153 nika-172nika-172 nika-8nika-8 nika-134nika-134 nika-331nika-331 nika-358nika-358



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Ovi and Nathalie's Wedding Their formals where taken at Centennial Park in the West Island, just of Sources. It was my first time photographing a wedding at Centennial Park so I wasn't too sure what to expect. The Park ended being perfect and we took some really great shots. By the way it’s a really big park, tell your photographer not to bring too much equipment like I did or he’ll have a sore back by the end of the shoot. Also watch out for Frisbees, almost got a couple of those in the head. 

nika-378nika-378 nika-376nika-376 nika-346nika-346 nika-386nika-386 nika-374nika-374 nika-67nika-67 nika-68nika-68 nika-255nika-255 nika-259nika-259 nika-289nika-289


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Why are engagement sessions important Couples often ask me, do I really need an engagement session. The simple answer would be yes. Think of an e-session as a practice session before your wedding day. During this practice session you will learn some of the basics of posing, getting couples to look natural while posing them is always a little tricky, no one want to look like a mannequin on their wedding day.

The comfort factor:

Seriously do you want some complete stranger pointing a big white lens a few inches from you face on your wedding day; I wouldn't! The session also gives us an opportunity to get to know each other a bit, and give you the chance to get comfortable with me and my style of shooting, so when your wedding day arrives, I won't be a complete stranger.

The funny face factor :

We all have a few bad angles that we are not too proud of and for sure don't want the photographer to discover them during the editing process. With an e-session, if there's any angles that are not too flattering, hopefully we will discover them during the e-session therefore avoiding mistakes on your.


Good luck!

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Sara and Alex wedding la vieille brasserie lachine Sara and Alex got married in early October at the Vielle brasserie in Lachine. It was a very beautiful ceremony and wedding. As a wedding photographer I can say I've seen my share of weddings over the years and this was one of the nicest weddings I've been to with a really fun and great couple. I hope I was able to capture their fun and loving nature, these are some of my favorite photos from the night.



IMG_5192IMG_5192 6G5A35396G5A3539 6G5A35676G5A3567 IMG_5187IMG_5187 IMG_5199IMG_5199 IMG_5260IMG_5260


(Montreal Wedding Photographer Nika Foto) Alex Sara and brasserie la lachine vieille wedding Mon, 28 Oct 2013 21:14:20 GMT
Alayna and Brandan's wedding at the Chesire Lodge The wedding was at a nice little church in Sainte-Marguerite-du-Lac-Masson with the reception a few klilometers away at the Chesire Lodge. It was about an hours drive from Montreal but was worth it. They spent a great deal of time on the little details and wanted me to focus on them, which was my pleasure.




6G5A19206G5A1920 6G5A1939-26G5A1939-2

6G5A19596G5A1959 6G5A19726G5A1972 IMG_3812IMG_3812 6G5A21386G5A2138

(Montreal Wedding Photographer Nika Foto) Chesire Lodge at foto montreal nika photo photographer the wedding Mon, 07 Oct 2013 20:13:13 GMT
A simple wedding Very nice couple, they met in China, childhood sweet hearts they got married in Montreal in a civil ceremony and needed some photos they could send to their families in China. They only hired me to take some photos of them in the park, by the time I spoke to them they already had been married. I suggested centre de la nature in Laval. I love that park for wedding and engagement photos, it really must be one of the nicest parks and around the Montreal area. Anyways, here are some of the photos we took that day,.


Nick Alamanos


Nika FotoIMG_2098

IMG_2058 IMG_2095 6G5A1152 IMG_2113

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How to choose wedding Photographer Montreal Wedding Photographer Nika FotoMontreal Wedding Photographer Nika FotoMontreal Wedding Photographer Nika Foto -Montreal Wedding - Mike & Carolines - Greek Orthodox Ceremony

Photo from Mike and Caroline's wedding, my first solo wedding!


Being a wedding photographer now for over 5 years I can say that I have a pretty good insight as  to how to choose a good wedding photographer. Here are some tips on what to ask and what to check out.

1) Make sure you ask to see a complete wedding, not just 5 or 6 photos from each wedding. Even the worst wedding photographer can find 5 or 6 good photos out of 1500 shots. How do the other shots look like, take a browse. See what the family portraits look like,  is he good at posing large groups of people, etc... These might be the boring shots but in a few years it might be the only shot you'll have of uncle Tim and yourself, and it would be a shame if his head was cut off. So make sure you look at a complete wedding for only then will you know his true style.

2) Ask for references to his last 3 weddings. You don't have to call them or email, just see there reaction. You see allot of new photographers don't have a portfolio of their own and just steal samples of the internet and put them on their website an call  them their own. How would you know if what was on his site was his work or the work of someone else a few states or provinces away. The internet makes it so easy to steal other peoples work.. be diligent.

3) Equipment. This one is a bit difficult, most couples getting married wouldn't now the difference between a 5D, 6D, 9D or an ZY200. (Last 2 I just made up). Any one can go to best buy and pick up a camera and call themselves a wedding photographer. Camera range from $500  all the way up to $5,000. A camera does not make a photographer, a photographer makes the  camera. Ideally you want to make sure they are using a full frame camera versus a crop. (size of the sensor) full frame is bigger,  therefore better in low light and also gives you a more dreamy look when combines with the right lens. The key thing  to remember to ask is if  the have backup gear and if the back up gear is as good is his standard gear. What happens if one camera breaks, or a lens breaks? how does he deal with it? 

4) how long does it take to deliver the photos? I've heard of couples waiting for months....

These are just a few items you should be checking when looking into a wedding photographer.




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Allison and Gerry Allison's and Gerry's wedding ceremony were held at the Saint George's Greek Orthodox Cathedral. We then took a ride to Pratt park for some formals, then jumped back in the limo to Old Montreal for more formals. it was a long afternoon, but we did end up taking some really great pictures. The wedding reception was held at the Holiday Inn Midtown in Montreal.

6G5A9750 6G5A9776 IMG_0664 6G5A9785 IMG_0775 6G5A9936 6G5A0101


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Eric and Shelly - A great day for a wedding with a great couple 6G5A7369 IMG_7640


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Shannon and Shane's Wedding Great couple and a great time. Shannon and Shane were incredible to work with, it makes my job so much easier. This was a late October wedding and quite cold, so we ended up taking the formals at the World Trade Centre in Old Montreal. It's fun going there on a rainy Saturday during wedding season, you'll usually have 5 to 10 brides running around looking for the best photo ops. It wasn't that bad when we went, there were only four brides, so we were able to reserve some good locations and take some great pictures.

Montreal Wedding - Shannon & Shane - Nika Foto

Montreal Wedding - Shannon & Shane - Nika Foto

Montreal Wedding - Shannon & Shane - Nika Foto Montreal Wedding - Shannon & Shane - Nika Foto


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Matt & Alex's Wedding

(Montreal Wedding Photographer Nika Foto) Wed, 29 Feb 2012 02:59:00 GMT
Matt and Nancy's Wedding I was very privileged to be asked to take the wedding photos of Matt and Nancy. The location was beautiful, a few minutes from Montreal in Lachine at the lovely Maison du Brasseur. We couldn't have asked for better weather, (a little less wind would have been nice!).

Montreal Wedding Photographer - Nika Foto


Montreal Wedding Photographer - Nika Foto


Montreal Wedding Photographer - Nika Foto

Montreal Wedding Photographer - Nika Foto



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Nick & Tina's engagement session  


(Montreal Wedding Photographer Nika Foto) Mon, 27 Feb 2012 22:09:41 GMT
Kristine and Jeremy's Wedding  

A beautiful day for a beautiful couple. It was an outdoor wedding near the eastern townships. the weather held up as did Christine and Jeremy.

Montreal Wedding Photographer Nika Foto

Montreal weddingMontreal Wedding Photographer Nika Foto


Montreal Wedding Photographer Nika Foto

Montreal Wedding Photographer Nika Foto



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Ovi and Nathalie's engagement This was Ovi and Nathalie's engagement session in Old Montreal last December. I really sweet couple, I look forward to shooting their wedding this summer. A bit shy at first, but they both got comfortable in front of the camera after a few pictures.



(Montreal Wedding Photographer Nika Foto) engagement montreal old Sat, 16 Jul 2011 19:22:00 GMT
Jessica's Baptism  





(Montreal Wedding Photographer Nika Foto) Baptism Sat, 02 Jul 2011 19:03:00 GMT
Mike and Caroline's Wedding A great couple, I wish them all the best. They were such a pleasure to work with.






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Ingred & Marcus Engagement



(Montreal Wedding Photographer Nika Foto) Engaement Sat, 21 Aug 2010 18:16:00 GMT